The Infrashine Flat Iron Review for 2014. A Hair Straightener That Is Worth Your Money!

With all the fuzz that is going on lately about the Chi vs Sedu vs Solia debates, I have no idea why people are overlooking probably the best flat iron for 2014. I do realize it is all about marketing and the big brands are taking all the attention, but the Infrashine flat iron is a hair straightener that is worth your time, money and attention.

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Infrashine Flat Iron

The Details:

Once you’ve purchased the Infrashine flat iron, straight out of the box it comes with a 9 feet swivel cord. The other hair straighteners that I’ve bought usually come 4-5 feet cord. The heating element is multimesh ceramic and is a proven to be a very effective material for flat irons. The hair straightener is capable of self-managing the temperature and it is evenlu distributing it all over the plate, so no hot spots and you do not risk to damage your hair unintentionally. I’ve seen professional hairstylists use it too in their salons, so this is a fact that can’t be overlooked. The famous far-infrared technology that comes with most of the top-notch flat irosn is present here too. It works in a wonderous way such as heating up your hair from the inside out, this preserves the health and the beauty of your precious hair. You are able to set the temperature at a degree that suits you best. There are five settings available from 140F to 400F. Once you turn it on and set the desired temperature level, the straightener is ready to use in no more than 30 seconds. The multi-layer heating elements combined with the ceramic plate are producing negative ions and help you maintain the shine and protects the color of your hair.

The Application:

Enough with the out-of-the-box technical stuff. Let me show you what this amazing Infrashine flat iron is capable of:

Infrafusion Before After 2014

How long it took me? 15 minutes. Using the Infrashine you will see that your hair will be drying way faster and the hairstyle can last up to a few days. What is there not to like? You will be stunned by the speed that this Infrashine hair straightener works with. The first time I saw this straightener was when I was visiting my stylist. He offered me to sell me his old CHI?!? I had no idea what is the reason as he did not even ask a lot of money about it. Then I saw then Infrashine and it all made sense to me. Once I got back home, I ordered it online from Amazon. All of this happened some time ago. I am still using my Infrashine and I am still happy with it.

If you are here, reading this infrashine review, it means that you are doing your research. This is a good thing. I want to make things easier for you so check out this link and you will see lots of other people sharing their thoughts about this amazing hair straightener: Click and scroll down for other user reviews.


What to look for when you are buying a hair straightener:

Currently the market for flat irons is full of products that are good. The competition is really big and there options available for every taste and every pocket. The important factors to look out for when you are hunting for a good flat iron are:

  • The material that the plate is made of
  • The max temperature of the flat iron
  • The ability to set up the temperature level
  • Heating time
  • FRI technology is a must these days
  • Comfort of use
  • Cord lenght

I guess you just saw some things that you have never considered before right? Well let me go all over them and explain to you in detail why each one of these bullets is important.

The material is a crucial part of your hair straightener, you should really watch out for semi-plastic covers that are really popular in the low-end price bracket. These are very dangerous for you hair. Have you heard about those “hot-spots” everyone is talking about? A hot-spot is a place on the plate of the flat iron that gets extremely hot compared to the whole surface. If you set your straightener at 280F for example, a hot spot can go up to as high as 600F. This how you damager your hair and usually there is no way back. The Infrashine Hair Straightener is with ceramic plate.

The maximum temperature usually varies between 280F to 420F. This one is a good thing to look out for when you are ordering your straightener. If you have thin hair and you can go with a something under 400F without any worries. If you have thick and curly hair on the other hand, it is recommended for your flat iron to work on 400F. The Infrashine max temperature is 420F.

Temperature settings. I still can not believe that we live in 2014 and there are still flat irons on the market that do not offer a temperature setting. Never buy one without. Simple as that. Infrashine has 5 settings from 170 to 420F.

Heating time is crucial. If it takes more than 20 seconds to reach the maximum temperature something is wrong. Either tour model is really old or it is messed up somehow. According to the manufacturer of the infrashine straightener, it takes no more than 5 seconds to reach 420F, but I’d say it is more like 15. This is still a number lots of competitors can only dream to achieve.

FRI Technology. Again, we live in 2014, FRI is like 5 years old. If you see an iron without FRI, just skip it. If you do not know what it is. Check out this article it is very detailed on the subject. But if you are too lazy, it helps preserving your hair shiny and healthy.

Comfort of use mainly depends on the weight of the hair straightener. If it is a heavy one, your hand will get tired pretty quick and this is when things become messy. Infrashine is ultra-light-weight and unless you plan to keep your hand up for a few hours, I do not think you will have any issues using it.

Cord lenght. Yes, I know, you never thought of this before. It is really handy to be able to move around with the flat iron in your hand.  9 feet is a lot compared to what others have to offer.

Infrashine Flat Iron Review 2014

Infrashine vs. CHI

Yes.. the CHI allmighty. Everyone knows of it. Everyone talks about it. Well let me tell you something: Both of the flat irons are available for a little over the $100 mark. But the Infrashine is so much better. I know that you expect me to go into details, so here they are. Read again the important factors that you should into consideration when buying a flat iron. If we talk about the quality of the heating plate, both of the products are pretty much identical, you can wield great results with both of them. And thats it. Infrashine is better in everything else. Higher maximum temperature, easier to use, longer cord, heating way faster.
Do not forget that there is some issue with the CHIs as of late, there are a lot of people complaining that they are getting some cheap fakes that do not get the job. Read more about this on the link below:
Customer Reviews about CHI Flat Iron

Infrashine Hair Straightener vs Other Competitors

Other products that are considered competitors of the Infrashine are some Sedu hair straighteners and a GHD model. Again I am not really convinced that they are better. If my stylist is using an Infrashine and has a CHI and a Sedu in hers closer. This is enough for me.

If you want to check and compare prices, use the button below. You are guaranteed to find the best discount price on Amazon and I would not trust many of the other online shops that sell stuff.


How to use your new Hair Straightener

Once you have the best flat iron in your hands you can do everything you can think of with it. This is a whole new topic that i can talk about with weeks. Infrafusion is pretty good at covering all the basics you can think of, whether it is straightening your hair, curling it or anything else that comes in your mind, Infrafusion is capable of doing it.

The 1/2 inch little Infrashine Hair Straightener Wizard


If you are on a budget, but do not want to settle with some cheap low quality, never to be seen or herd before hair straightener, I recommend you this little miracle. If you have really short hair and you want to use a flat iron every now and then, this one is the winner. This little jewel was created with the sole purpose to satisfy women with shor hair styles. And it sure does. The only problem about this product is that it is a bit hard to find. There are a few left on Amazon so if you hurry up you might be able to get one.

Another good application for this flat iron is to use it in emergency cases and keep it in your bag most of the time. It heats up immediatly, so if you are on a rush and want to fix your hair here and there, you just plug it in and start using it. Great results on the go with this one.

The 2 inch Infrashine Hair Straightner Mean Machine

This one is just like the normal Infrashine but with twice as bigger plate. As a result you have a stylist tool that is able to handle stubborn, curly and thick hair with ease. It costs some more compared to the original, so unless you really need it, I would not recommend buying it. However, if you switched many other flat irons before and never got the results you wished for. This sexy little gadget is right for you. I am yet to see a hair that this 2 inch straightener is not able to handle.


When using this one, thanks to the big ceramic plate, you will feel your hair sliding trough with such an easy. You still get to keep that natural and shiny look and your hair style will last for a few days or a shower. It will remain straight no frizz. As I already mention it is a little pricey compared to other flat irons, but in the end it is well worth the investment that you will have to make only once. The infrashine irons last troughout the years.

This iron is also very good in helping you achieve results fast. If you are short on time, you should know that with this hair straightener you will get the results you want for no more than 10 minutes. Your hair will never dry out and you will be able to handle even the most stubborn flyaways with such an ease.

A top notch product that is worth every penny in my eyers. Read here to see what others are saying about it. Or just click on the button below to get a good discount price.



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