Free Store Lives!

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by Thomas MacMillan | Aug 25, 2011 8:28 am
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As the recently closed New Haven Free Store searches for a new home, founder Ben Aubin is keeping the dream alive with an upcoming fundraising fashion show.

The Free Store, an experiment in for-profit, no-price commerce, shut its doors last month after a brief run as a popular alternative-economy enterprise. The store offered a variety of clothes and housewares for one low price: free.

The shop had intended to move to a new location on Court Street but the new landlord got cold feet after a fight broke out between two volunteers packing up for the move.

That development disappointed a lot of fans of the Free Store, Aubin said. “Something violent got in the away of something good.”

Since then he has been working to find a new location to reopen the store.

He said he’s considering opening the store in Fair Haven or on Whalley Avenue. In the meantime, he’s begun volunteering his time with a youth organization and preparing a group of young entrepreneurs to run the next iteration of the Free Store.

Aubin has been volunteering with teens from the Childrens Community Programs of Connecticut (CCPC) on Blake Street in Westville. Together they’re organizing a fundraising fashion show for Sept. 10 from 4 to 7 p.m. at 756 Chapel St.

Aubin has also lined up support from Connecticut BioFuels, his employer. In addition to sponsoring the fashion show, the company is donating to a fund to re-open the Free Store whenever its client businesses express their support for the project.

The September fundraiser will also go towards re-opening the Free Store, Aubin said. The event will include the give-away of donated clothes, along with the sale of donated clothes that have been altered by fashion designers or modified with screenprints.

Aubin said he’s hoping the future free store will be run by the young entrepreneurs he’s connected with through the CCPC.

The original Free Store was founded by four, but Aubin is the only one left. Two recently moved to San Francisco and the other has moved on to other things.

“I’m definitely trying,” Aubin said.

Closing our current location

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The New Haven Free Store is closing its current location at 55 Church st. Thank you to everyone for making it a huge success and keeping the free store love alive.

Sadly, we cannot take donations right now, but as soon as we have a new space we will make it known.



Last Chance Party at the Free Store! Friday 7pm

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This Friday starting at 7pm we are having a party! There will food, drink, live music,  screen printing and lots of friendly people.

This party is to celebrate our wonderful community of volunteers who have made everything possible. Sadly we have to move from our current location by the end of the month,  so this party will also mark the closing of our current location.

Come to our party and stay tuned for news about our new location!


It’s the ultimate sale: 100% Off Everything

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By Randall Beach, Register Staff
For the New Haven Register

People walking past 55 Church St. near the New Haven Green might stop and stare when they first see the sign on the window: New Haven Free Store.

How can a store be free? And yet it’s true; you don’t have to pay anything for the racks of clothing nor the books, bicycles and other items spread out on this first-floor expanse.


“Free Store 2.0″ Launches — & Seeks Profits

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by Thomas MacMillan | Jul 2, 2011 9:53 pm
for the New Haven Independent

Posted to: Business/Labor/ Economic Development


In a former Kinko’s on Church Street, four young entrepreneurs have set up a shop like any other, offering clothes, shoes, bikes, and books. One difference: Everything is free. Another twist: They aim to turn a profit.


Week One Update: Volunteering

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The first week has come and gone and we’ve made a huge amount of progress. We’re trying to open as soon as possible, but we’re barred by the speed at which our insurance agents can work. We would still love to offer a sneak peak of the store to those of you willing to donate your time and help get the store ready. Right now our tentative time line looks like this:


Interview on Yale Radio WYBCX

Published by Free Store Team on April 30th, 2011 - in Press

LeRoy Cole of interviews lead organizer of the New Haven Free Store, Ben Aubin. LeRoy asks about what the store is, how it works, and how people may feel about shopping at the Free Store.

For a direct link, please use the URL below.

Hello New Haven!

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The New Haven Free Store will be opening in May. The City just gave us the green light, and so bear with us while we assemble our website, and prepare to bring you great items at 0 cost. If you have questions for us, what we’re doing, or for press inquiries, please head over to our Contact page while we get ready.


-The Free Store Team

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